For our investors, we are looking for properties meeting the following criteria:

Privately financed or government-funded
Multi-storey residential buildings, preferably up to 5 storeys in established, economically stable locations
With or without backlog of maintenance and repairs
Commercial share < 10 %
Ideal size 50 to 300 residential units
Investment volume from EUR 10 million upwards

Technically advanced equipment
Top 7 locations
Strong commercial focus with stable earnings
Investment volume between EUR 5 million and EUR 75 million

Commercial properties throughout Germany
Logistics properties
Self-service markets
Shopping centres
Specialist stores
With solvent tenants
Investment volume from EUR 8 million upwards

Existing properties/new buildings/projects
Creditworthy operators
Preferably Top 7 locations
Investment volume between EUR 5 million and EUR 80 million

Health Care
Existing properties/ new buildings
Solvent tenants
Portfolios or properties with a necessary change of operators are of interest as well

Please email your offers to: